Supporting on claim event processes and client protection

When the unexpected happens, it is very important to have a close support, counting on the precious and imparcial help of professionals that will reduce wasted time, transport expenses, extended phone calls to the Insurers and other costs and inconveniences.

The assistance and managing / monitoring in case of accident are composed by several stages of intervention:

  • Customer Service when accident occurs
  • Assistance filling the accident report
  • Clarification and impartial advice
  • Verification of the accident enveloping factors under the insurance contract guarantees
  • Opening and monitoring process or sending claim to congeners
  • Request documentation, in order to assist the claims file management
  • Scheduling expertise and support in investigations
  • Permanent information to policyholders, insurers, and/or third parties
  • Submission of proposals for regularization of compensation/claim
  • Regularization insured and other stakeholders file follow up, until its resolution

Optimizing the entire process of claims management, we significantly improve the customer service quality.