We offer various payment methods so you can comfortably settle your insurances and services.
To make it easier even after the due date, we provide below the following payment options:

– On a more convenient way, you can settle your receipts by:

● Bank Transfer
The necessary elements for bank transfer are:

NIB: 0036 0423 99106003316 31
BANK ACCOUNT: 423.10.600331-6 – Montepio Geral (Portimão)
IBAN: PT50 0036 0423 99106003316 31

After payment, please provide us with the transfer comproval, with the Policy / Receipt number, by email, fax or mail, once Receipts will be considered settled only upon reception of payment comproval.

Note: Cais do Farol Insurance Agency is not responsible for non identified bank transfers.

– In our agency you may settle you receipts via:

● Check
Your check should be made payable to Cais do Farol, Mediação Seguros, Lda.


● Cash